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Ashtanga Yoga and Pregnancy by Mrs. Stan

Há já alguns anos que penso em escrever sobre Ashtanga Yoga na gravidez, mas sempre considerei que seria bem mais pertinente e revelador, se redigisse este artigo depois de ter a experiência da gestação. Enquanto pensava sobre este tema, lembrei-me da primeira vez que vi a Stan Byrne, à porta do KPJAYI, em Mysore. Estava acompanhada pelo seu marido, o David Robson, recordo-me de ter ficado a olhar para a Stan porque a foi a primeira vez que vi em Mysore, uma praticante grávida, e confesso-vos que foi muito especial e inspirador poder observar algumas partes da sua prática. Para todas as praticantes que estão a pensar em serem mães e para aquelas que estão grávidas,
aqui fica a entrevista com Stan Byrne.

Stan Byrne
Yoga Teacher and Writer

When and how did you start practising Ashtanga Yoga?
I was practising a vinyasa style about 5 years ago when I went to Mysore with my husband David Robson, and since then I have maintained a daily Ashtanga practice.

Do you remember the moment(s) that you felt that Ashtanga Yoga would be your daily practice?
I was in Mysore, practising primary series at the shala. I was so fearful of doing drop backs, and I would wait for Sharath to help me every time. One day, he told me I had to go back by myself and I sort-of made a feeble attempt at bringing my arms back. Then I stopped, waited for him and looked sheepish. I thought I could maybe get away with that behaviour for the rest of the trip because there were so many students - how could he remember me? But the next day, he stood at the opposite end of the room and screamed "GO DOWN! GO DOWN!"All these thoughts went through my head: "I am going to break my neck, my arms, I will never walk again"...he kept screaming. And so I dropped back. I caught myself, and I watched the tears in my eyes plop down on my mat. I didn't die or break my neck, I was fine. I felt relieved, proud, excited - it was an amazing moment of conquering my fear.
Sharath was quiet for a second, and then he screamed, "NOW COME BACK UP!" And that is the moment I got hooked. You are never finished in Ashtanga Yoga. There is always somewhere else to go.

If you had to say three words that describe Ashtanga Yoga, what you would choose?
Challenging, meditative, energizing.

You are a mum, and during your pregnancy you kept doing Ashtanga Yoga.
After you found out that you were pregnant, how long did you wait until you started practising and when did you stop practising?
I personally didn't stop practising in the first three months and I practised the day I went into labour. I know many women feel more comfortable waiting for three months. Of course, it also depends on your medical history and the advice of your doctor. I found it was a very intuitive time for me. The practice helped my morning sickness and later helped me chart the changes in my body. But when you start and when you stop is so personal.

Did you feel any differences in the practice? Describe for us your experience of being pregnant during your Ashtanga Yoga routine.
Absolutely! At first, not so much, but I began to feel very heavy and it was hard to maintain a steady breath. I started taking extra breaths, even in Surya Namaskara, stepping back and forth and I wasn't able to twist anymore. I do remember feeling very scared about falling, and I was always nervous someone was going to knock me over in drop backs. No one did. Again with the drop back fear!

If you had to advise other practitioners that are expecting, what would you would tell them?
My advice would be to not worry about maintaining a practice. Use the practice as a way to relax, release and focus on yourself. When the baby comes, finding time to practice is very challenging. I often have to rush through my practice now so that I can attend to my son. In retrospect, I wish I had rested more and enjoyed longer, slower practices while I was pregnant.

Is there any major precaution that they should be reminded about?
I think just listen to your teachers and your intuition. You will know when you are pushing yourself too hard.

After your baby was born, how long did you wait until you went back to your mat?
I started Surya Namaskara after two or three weeks, but I didn't go back to the my studio, Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, until 6 weeks. It might have been a little too soon for me. I needed the 45 minute break from the baby, but I injured my hamstring pretty soon after because I couldn't contain my bandhas.

Was it difficult to go back to your practice? Did you feel any differences in your body and mind?
I loved getting back on my mat. I felt so weak and stiff - but I loved having the opportunity to move my body and listen to my breath. It took about 10 months to get my practice back to where it was before I got pregnant. But whenever I faced any challenges, I kept telling myself, "I gave birth, I can do anything!" I wasn't really doing anything special on the mat - but I felt strong, resilient and ready to face the world. My practice became more of a sanctuary for me after I had Holden. It was less about good or bad practices, triumphs or disappointments, and more about finding time to breathe.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of practising during pregancy and after the baby is born?
During pregnancy, I loved the awareness of my body that the practice brought.
When you have children, your whole life can be about work and family. It is really easy to get lost inside of that. I remember the first few weeks after Holden was born, I felt so overwhelmed and busy - I couldn't figure out when I could get 5 minutes away to take a shower. I can't imagine not having that time to practice now. I think I would drive my family crazy if I couldn't practice. My practice makes me a better mom, because I have that time for myself everyday and I can devote more energy to Holden and his needs.

When you think about your practice during your pregnancy, and after the pregnancy, what is the first word that arises in your mind?

*Stan Byrne

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Beijinhos Vera!

TigerLily disse...

Amei Vera!!
Maria disse...

O consellho que eu daria, é para as mães sentirem sempre que estão a transportar activamente, conscientemente o bebé na barriga, a sustentá-lo com os músculos, e não apenas estar numa situação em que está ali uma barriga pendurada. A seguir, saber que cada respiração oxigena o bebé, dá-lhe espaço. Eu ainda não fazia yoga, mas tive os meus 5 filhos sempre a fazer dança, e penso que a recuperação foi muito melhor por causa disso. A seguir ao parto, o nosso corpo está móvel, e na verdade podemos ficar com um corpo melhor do que tínhamos antes! Também os amamentei todos, sempre a fazer dança, por isso não afecta o leite. Boa sorte e que as parturientes nunca desistam de si!