terça-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2013


"The workshop with Hamish, was a beautifull and soulfull gathering tunned on the spirit of Traditional ashtanga yoga. It has inspired us to get deeper into prana and Abhyasa .. Hamish is such a gentle and present soul, we are all blessed for such an oportunity of a chilled' out satsang. The moments of story telling were so refreshing, from the Ramayana to the MahaBharata, Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras... Aummmm… Hamish is one of my favorite Ashtanga Yoga teachers... livin' the Tradition! Thank you Vera at the Ashtanga Cascais Yoga Shala for bringing this into one's timeline. Beautifull blessing! Om Namo Narayana. Love and light! " Tiago M.

"My only regret was that I could only make it to Sunday’s session. His teachings where truly inspirational, it was almost as though I was hanging to every word he was saying because I did not want to lose a word he said!! Thank you Hamish and I hope to see you in London soon!!!" Patrick B.

"Hamish teaches from the heart, giving the students the space for them to explore individually their own practice, and at the same time having fun with it! It was an amazing experience! Thank you Hamish. Thank you Vera."   
 Rita O.

"His teaching is beyond words...i felt i was in Mysore again..." 
Nuno V. 

"I loved the adjustments, they were precise and it felt like I could go deeper in the asanas without struggle, without pain, just naturally. His presence in mysore class is so subtile and so blessing.
I loved his traditional teachings with a sense of freedom to adapt the practice to each person.
It's not what you do or how many asanas you do. It's all about how you do things or how you practice and how it makes you feel.
Hamish teaches about the ancient texts on yoga philosophy and makes a beautiful interpretation of their meaning in our everyday life.
He inspires love for the practice. I felt confident that I'm doing the right thing." Laura G.

"I loved many things about this weekend, but 3 stood out: First, I was reminded of Yoga, of its essence - towards a higher awareness of ourselves and the universe. Second (...)The knowledge you passed on to us, that comes from your experience, is really special. I have a lot to work on for a while, and most important, I learned things that can make my practice much safer. Finally, as a yoga teacher (...) I have a LOT to work on." Inês C. 

"To me, the time i spent with Hamish was a really nice reminder of how beautiful this practice is, and how lucky i feel about having found it. I absolutetly appreciate hamish´s approach to it, his sense of humor, his simplitity and honesty, and his talent to transmit it in a fun and relax way, without missing all the importance and seriousness to it." Jose C. 

"Hamish shared his wealth of spiritual knowledge in a frank and accessible fashion with a healthy dose of British (Scottish!) wit.  He warmly encouraged each of us to feel confident in our own practice by listening to and trusting our own bodies.  Thank you for all the helpful pointers for my practice on and off the mat; the weekend provided food for my body, mind and soul and a renewed focus to connect more strongly with my practice." Dina A.

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