domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

What they said about Mark´s workkshop...

"The workshop was very enlightening to understand the bandhas and to improve even the simple technics. For a beginner it was also useful to be with see the colleagues with more advanced technic and practicing the second series, it was very inspiring. I thank Mark for being  very patient to answer all the questions and to demonstrate what was not clear enough. Thanks Mark and Vera!" P.C.

"Grande em sua simplicidade, técnicamente excelente, Mark Robberds, enriqueceu minha experiência no caminho do Yoga. Precioso ensinamento transmitido durante a prática em sala e também fora dela. Muito obrigada. Um especial obrigado a Ashtanga Cascais e a Vera por terem proporcionada esse encontro com Mark e os demais participantes do Workshop. Saí de lá com mais amigos." A. O.

"The practice, spirit and fun shared altogether at the workshop is a beautiful manifestation of what the yoga community can create. Mark is a great teacher both on the asana and spiritual levels. His calm, bright and positive energy is a gift to his students."


"Although I was only able to join 1 day, it was very beneficial & a lot of fun to see old friends and meet you people . Mark’s personality & positive energy is amazing. Well done, I look forward to another workshop soon."
T. S.
"Beautiful simplicity is present in the way Mark teaches yoga. He gave very valuable advices that makes a whole difference on the quality of my practice. Very gentle on adjustments. Not only he teaches yoga, but also love & devotion - an inseparable part of being a yogui. His smile, music & matras brought a lightness & sunshine into our hearts. I feel grateful." L. G.

This was a great weekend-Good for the body, mind and spirit...  J.G.                                                                                    

Mark's workshop inspired me deeply.
"The combination of devotion, simplicity, technique, determination and dedication to Ashtanga Yoga makes him a truly special teacher.
I found myself thinking in the middle of the workshop "He has all the characteristics and traits of a human I would like to have". Interesting thought.
He is someone I believe I would appreciate having as a long term teacher.
Thanks Mark. All good..."
J. B.

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